Ionut Grecu

Ionut Grecu

agilist by vocation | lightly-seasoned seeker by nature

Welcome To A Journal Of My Humble Inner Travels

Wondering What’s This, Isn’t It?

The opinions, ruminations, cogitations and observations of Ionut Grecu – nobody in particular, just the voice behind the words you read; a lover of inner adventures, who like to travel inside himself.

…Your host here.

In this place you will find an eclectic mixture of some random and maybe unrelated items of possible interest to about 4 other guys in the universe, some of them concisely and effectively illustrating my general discontent with the way of things.

…A compilation of my own life lessons, what I have learned from life and how I use it in learning to be part of the change.

You have guessed it! This is my blog.

Maybe some people would think that I should blog about IT, since it is my profession for the past years (and counting!).

Well guys, if I were to blog about technology, I think it would be just too much, and surely I would explode!

This blog is my way of taking a sweet escape from the technology world. It is an attempt to learn and share, more of simple wisdom and the challenges of applying it in daily lives, especially when you consider how little time we have throughout our busy days to stop, breathe, and just be.

That is the life of a common inner traveler and it’s the only life I can imagine living. I’m ecstatic to share the insights of it with other fellow travelers, for a short stretch of the path, or a long one.

What I Will Be Blogging About

As a fairly ‘new’ spiritual adventurer I will be sharing my experience and questions, hopefully starting some discussion from other travellers on this path.

As a psychologist by education I still leaving some of the habits that come with such a background behind. I will pass on to inquire into the inner nature and constitution of the root of the phenomena.  I will explore the frontiers of human consciousness and maybe share my discoveries with you.

As a marketer, I have firsthand experienced how spirituality can help me survive and thrive in what is by some, including me in the past, perceived as a potentially non-spiritual environment.

As an agile methodologies fan I will share my thoughts about my agile journey and some of the key learnings I’ve taken from it so far.

As an observer and a piece of the business world puzzle, I will blog about the key spiritual values that should be embraced in the business context, such as integrity, honesty, accountability, cooperation, trustworthiness and respect. I will seek to demonstrate that bringing ethics and spiritual values into the workplace can lead to increased productivity and profitability as well as employee retention, customer loyalty, and brand reputation.

And as a sleepy and lifeless friend and family member after a long work day, expect posts about the struggles of integrating spirituality in “the real life”.

… But

This isn’t a definitive blog on any topic. It is not. It is just one traveler’s footprints and nothing more. I am not a teacher of any kind. This blog is a journal of my humble travels as I try to follow my inner path. Take my hand and walk with me for awhile.

If in whatever way this blog supports your journey, I’m honored to be traveling with you, even if I never meet you.

I appreciate your presence here. I welcome comments and suggestions of all kinds. I am not here to preen or pontificate. I am here to research, think and share. I hope you will do the same. With an emphasis on share. So grab another cup of tea and limber up your fingers.

I want to hear from you! Jump in! 🙂