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Join Me At CodeCamp In Exploring The What, How And Why Of Soft Skills In An Agile Environment

Will you be attending the CodeCamp Conference in Iasi this week?

Codecamp is probably the largest, most vibrant gathering of IT leaders, practitioners, and innovators in Romania. Featuring one day of inspired discussions, collaborative presentations, technical training, and hands-on labs focused on topics and technologies such as Java, .NET, Mobile, Agile, PHP, Ruby, Project Management, Business Analysis and many others.

It is a great opportunity to learn new skills and connect with other bright minds in the field. There’s a fantastic line-up of speakers.

Oh, and did I mention – I will be there too! Be sure to come say Hi to me at room 4, floor -2, from 16:30 -17:15. I will be giving a talk about a topic I think about a lot, soft skills in an Agile environment.

A Bit About My Presentation

The Soft Stuff Is The Hard Stuff: The Agile Soft Skills Toolkit – this is how it is entitled. Wondering why agilists should care about soft skills?

Well, Agile methodologies talk a lot about process with their focus on concepts like sprints, backlogs, reviews. This focus is ironic when the first value in the Agile Manifesto is “Individuals and interactions over processes and tools”. Why does this occur?

A major reason is that individuals and interactions cannot readily be referred to in general terms because people vary so much. We are complex: we have emotions, values and beliefs that make us unique. These elements are hard to work with because they are underneath the surface and we can’t easily see them.

In my presentation I’ll be looking at the what, how and why of soft skills, and suggesting ways to become more effective and efficient at creating software in an Agile environment by improving the ability to understand, communicate with, and collaborate with other people.

So if you have doubts about whether or not soft skills are critical for survival in an Agile world, you should come by and ask your questions. If you have any right now, feel free to leave a comment and I’ll do my best to answer you right away or I’ll chat to you at the conference. I would love for you to stop by.

Some Other Reasons To Be There

The sheer, unadulterated, 100% natural geekiness, you’ll learn cool new hacks and tricks that will make you feel likewise cool, you’ll meet and hang out with people, an incredible lineup of speakers, unlimited coffee and, of course, you’ll get to wear a badge with your name on it 🙂


Guys, if you want to hang out with the cool kids, you have to go to “the spot”. In this case “the spot” just happens to be 44+ super cool presentations where you can meet and mingle with friends and experts alike.

Check out the presentations and register today!

I hope to see you there. But if you can’t make it, why not soak up the digital atmosphere… Be sure to follow the latest happenings on Social Media: #CodeCampIasiApril2015

Will you be joining me there?

PS: Kudos to everyone involved!