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Can Somebody Steal Your Happiness Without Your Consent?

There’s a common sentiment that the life circumstances or the mean things trotted out can hurt us without our permission. But does somebody has the power to make us unhappy? Of course not. They don’t have in their power to make that.

It’s true that people always do say mean things. But we also do that. We say the meanest things to people we suppose to love the most, because we know what’s gonna hurt them the most. When we’re angry, for example, we can say some really nasty stuff to people we suppose to love, because we know where the hot buttons are.

But the words can’t hurt us! They are just some syllables, some sound waves. The thing is that we hear those words and then interpret them as something that is going to make us unhappy. But this is a personal decision, it’s not like the words themselves can do it. It’s like you would say: “I’m gonna be unhappy because I’ve heard those words.” You have to let those words to make you unhappy.

Let’s Start Learning To Be Happy

Well, part of learning how to be happy is to just stop letting people make you unhappy. “I’m not gonna let you make me unhappy today! My existence is too short! I don’t have time to be unhappy today because of you!” you could say.

Just start implementing this in your life. Because it is never in your interest to be anything other than happy. Further more, it’s not helping anybody around you to be anything other than happy. Are you doing everybody else a big favor by walking through life being unhappy, angry or by being a compassionate person, interested in being part of the solution instead of a part of the problem?

So stop being unhappy all the time, my friend! Start to be a person people want to be around! Because nobody wants to be around you when you’re unhappy. Have you noticed that?  And you also don’t want to be around people who are pissed off.

It Never Helps To Be Anything Other Than Happy

The idea, I believe is that it never helps the situation to be upset or to get angry. Think about that! Being upset it’s like honking your horn in a traffic jam. It never helps! Honking horns cannot magically clear a traffic jam. But people usually do that. They get angry, their heart rate, blood pressure and respiration increase, the body temperature rises and the skin perspires. Physiologically they start to die, for no reason.

I agree that traffic jams are not pleasant, but to get upset and honk your horn just makes it worse.

Believe me that every instance of getting upset in life about anything is exactly like that! It’s just stupid, it’s self destructive. It doesn’t do any good at all.

So nobody has the power to make you unhappy and nobody has the power to make you happy. (Sounds rough isn’t it?) You’re the one, you’re the boss of you. You are the only one that can make you happy! Agree? Disagree? What are your thoughts, your experiences? Comment and let the sharing grow!