Ionut Grecu

Ionut Grecu

agilist by vocation | lightly-seasoned seeker by nature

The IT Community In Iasi Comes To Life At CodeCamp

I have a confession to make: I love going to IT conferences. I know it may seem like a strange thing to enjoy, but hear me out: I get to meet with my peers, learn new ideas from others, and share my own experiences and research with an attentive audience. It is also a chance… Continue reading

Join Me At CodeCamp In Exploring The What, How And Why Of Soft Skills In An Agile Environment

Will you be attending the CodeCamp Conference in Iasi this week? Codecamp is probably the largest, most vibrant gathering of IT leaders, practitioners, and innovators in Romania. Featuring one day of inspired discussions, collaborative presentations, technical training, and hands-on labs focused on topics and technologies such as Java, .NET, Mobile, Agile, PHP, Ruby, Project Management,… Continue reading

Mindfulness – The Signal of Maturity as an Agilist

Sometimes, we (together with our Agile team) can find ourselves at a place where we look around and sense we have fallen out of alignment with the people around us, commitments, duties and goals. It’s time for change. We can feel it… I’m Full. What Should I Do? We feel like we’re simply full. We’re… Continue reading

My Agile Journey. Lessons Learned

In my years of working with corporations and startups, I have seen a lot of project failures due to deplorable communication skills, folks resisting change and ripping each other apart to get ahead, and teams clueless to their impact to the larger project or individuals. I was often at a loss as to how to… Continue reading

Welcome To A Journal Of My Humble Inner Travels

Wondering What’s This, Isn’t It? The opinions, ruminations, cogitations and observations of Ionut Grecu – nobody in particular, just the voice behind the words you read; a lover of inner adventures, who like to travel inside himself. …Your host here. In this place you will find an eclectic mixture of some random and maybe unrelated… Continue reading